Welcome to WoodsmanPro

The new home of productive tree harvesting technology!

In the short time WoodsmanPro series tree harvesters have been in the market they have rapidly gained a reputation for productivity, reliability, low operating cost and great backup service. See for yourself how WoodsmanPro can work for your forest harvesting operation...

Felling and processing at the stump, on a landing or under a hauler, the WoodsmanPro offers unparalleled throughput and reduced reject rates associated with out of spec lengths, diameters and fibre damage, as well as the obvious advantages of operator safety and comfort over traditional cross-cutting and log-making.

The five delimb knife design ensures best-in-class felling, clean single pass delimbing and precise logmaking (measuring and topping saw supplied as standard). All hydraulic and electric lines to the head are fed through a unique central rotating joint enabling the head to be rotated continuously in either direction. This simplifies operation of the head, and eliminates expensive, vulnerable, failure prone hosing common to other harvesting heads.