OptiPlus Control System

The OptiPlus Control System is a powerful, accurate and easy to use Optimiser System that control the machine functions on the base carrier and harvester head, as well as optimising the cutting solution for greater value recovery.

The OptiPlus Control System can be set to run a StanForD based cutting file structure, or use a flexible built in cutting file system. The PC based touch screen is easy to navigate, allowing the operator to control the cutting file, view production and adjust the machine settings at the press of a finger, no need for clumsy keyboards or mouse pads.

With simple to use functions, and a powerfully intelligent processor, the OptiPlus Control System will ensure the best value cutting solutions, and smooth machine operations, with a detailed fault diagnostic system making downtime a thing of the past. 

With built in Bluetooth connectivity, the OptiPlus Control System makes it easy to transfer cutting files and production files to and from the Harvester.